Chin (Chin corrections)

Great effect on the edge

The chin is an often neglected detail of the face. If the facial expression is unchanged, it can provide a masculine and energetic, a feminine and gentle or a childish touch. People with a very prominent or particularly receding chin are often not satisfied with their appearance.

How to correct the chin?

In the case of a receding chin, silicone implants are often placed on the lower jaw front, which leads to the desired result. However, such implants can slip or become infected by the constant movement of the jaw. Then they have to be removed again.

Our doctors therefore make almost all the desired changes directly on the jaw bone. Depending on the findings, we can either only move the chin forward or back, or treat the entire tooth-bearing lower jaw (mandible) Such an act of surgery is, of course, somewhat more complicated, but no foreign material remains in the tissue. Functional problems can be solved in the same operation process if necessary


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Chin Plastic Surgery
from € 2.500,-
Double Chin Removal
from € 2.500,-