A harmonious appearance will help you to go through life confident, happy and even-tempered. Beauty is an expression of the harmony of body and soul. The modern aesthetic-plastic surgery helps you when this harmony has got out of balance.

We are convinced that beauty is more than the result of an surgical procedure. This is why we help you to achieve a harmonious consistency by means of interviews and treatments. To this end, we first engage ourself in your wishes and ideas. Afterwards, we explain to you the most advisable treatments and their effects as well as possible alternatives which we consider to be sensible.

Our consulting is based on extensive experience with the latest treatment methods. We have therefore decided as one of the first practices in North Germany to work with an X-ray machine that provides three-dimensional images - a perfect basis for planning treatment and medical interventions.

In addition to high-quality technology, we also offer you professional competence. Professor Patrick Warnke alone has more than 100 scientific publications and is internationally recognized as an expert in his field. The other members of our team of doctors also have many academic qualifications. You benefit from this expertise with every surgery and treatment.