Expertise over 25 years

Welcome to the oral and maxillofacial surgery

What makes us special?

  • We are the only oral and maxillofacial surgical practice north of the Kiel Canal, whose doctors are there for you 24/7 round the clock.
  • Our oral and maxillofacial surgical inpatient ward in the Malteser Hospital St. Franziskus is, in addition to the university hospitals in Kiel and Lübeck, the only one that is fixed in the consumption plan for beds of the Land of Schleswig-Holstein. This allows us to guarantee the best possible all-round care.
  • For over 25 years we have been there for our patients. We remove teeth, place implants and perform sometimes complicated surgery on the head and face. We are specialists for facial surgery.

According to our philosophy, we are broadly positioned with our services.

Our doctors Dr. Martin Sprengel and Prof. Dr. Dr. Patrick H. Warnke cover the fields of oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery as well as plastic surgeries. Professionally managed and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our practice contributes to the individual and competent care of 5,000 outpatient and 200 inpatients each year.

Our special services at a glance:

  • Emergency service for accident victims who have injuries to the face or facial skull (cranium).
  • Latest treatment planning and diagnostics such as digital radiography and  digital volume tomography / DVT - State-of-the-art treatment planning and diagnostics such as digital radiography and digital volumetography / DVT - the first device to the north of the Kiel Canal.
  • Tooth removal and  implants in consultation with your dentist.

We carry out major interventions in full anesthesia at the Malteser Krankenhaus St. Franziskus Hospital.
The main hospital in Flensburg has intensive care units and excellent diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

On the following pages you will see what you can expect from us also in the future!

Don‘t hesitate and contact us during our surgery hours at +49 461 / 141 670!

Our Team


Dr. Martin Sprengel
Dr. Martin Sprengel
Plastic surgery & OMS
Prof. Dr. Dr. Patrick H. Warnke
Plastic surgery & OMS