The mirror of the soul

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. They are not for nothing called the mirror of the soul. Sunken eyebrows, drooping eyelids or eye-bags (lachrymal sacks) make the face look older and often lead to a facial expression that has nothing to do with the real feeling.

Wrinkles in the area of the eyelids can not be smoothed by subcutaneous injection. With the exception of the so-called crow's feet wrinkles, which can be somewhat smoothed, a surgical eyelid plastic is the best therapy for the eyelids.

How does the upper eyelid plastic work?

Droopy upper eyelids, perhaps even combined with a genetically caused massive eyelid contour and sunken eyebrows, make the look undifferentiated, stereotypical and tired. We can solve the cause of this problem with a small surgery. At this point we would also like to suggest again the connection between upper eyelid plasty and eyebrow lift. 

In the case of a mere eyelid plastic, we first have to clarify whether the skin is slackened. Often enough, we will find an empty flap of skin lying on the lashes. Perhaps the entire eyelid appears too voluminous – often with elapsed eyelid wrinkle – or disturbing humps bulge against the otherwise slim upper eyelid. For all these irregularities a decent, protected opening access during the surgery is chosen. Skin, muscle tissue and fat are reduced to varying degrees and adapted to the individual situation in order to achieve a harmonious and balanced eyelid contour.

As a rule, we treat upper and lower eyelid plastics under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, as our surgical procedures are very gentle and tolerable. The intervention is painless apart from the injection of the local anesthetic and takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Treatments under general anesthesia can be arranged

How does the lower eyelid surgery work?

If the skin of the lower eyelids droops and wrinkles form, only some skin and possibly muscle tissue have to be reduced. This is done directly below the eyelids of the lower eyelid, so that the scar is almost invisible.

If the skin is still tight and elastic and only the so-called tear sack bulges, we select the access from the inside of the lower eyelids. This way no external scars occur.


All prices that are listed here are guideline.
The final cost will be determined after a personal consultation.
The indicated prices are net prices exclusive of the value added tax.

Upper Eyelid Plastic Surgery both sides incl. pre- and aftertreatment
from € 2.400,-
Lower Eyelid Plastic Surgery both sides incl. pre- and aftertreatment
from € 2.500,-