Digital X-ray

With digital x-rays, the radiation dose required is significantly lower than using the traditional X-ray. In addition, the search for the required radiograph is omitted. Each image is available on any screen at the touch of a button. By e-mail, we can also send your pictures to your dentist without any loss of quality.

3-dimensional Digital Volume Tomography

By means of an X-ray tube, which rotates around the patient's head and a mutual detector, a high-resolution image of the entire upper and lower jaw is created with less than half the radiation dose of a conventional X-ray image. We offer this examination as a standard, as this gives us a maximum overview from the temporomandibular joints to the point of the chin.

Dental film (single-tooth radiograph)

Even the "single" tooth film, which is also carried out digitally with us, is still useful. If a small region hast to be examined with highest resolution and low radiation exposure, the dental film is the best choice.