Patient information

Documents for the initial examination

At this point, we would like to the make the way to a treatment at our practice clinic easier for you. For further guidance we are of course also at your disposal before and during a treatment.

  • Health insurance card
  • Letter of referral if necessary
  • Medical reports and findings, as far as they are available from previous treatments
  • X-ray images, computer tomography images, other imaging examination
  • for implantological and orthodontical questions: models of the jaws, if available

DVT diagnosis

Since 2008, we have the first Digital Volumetomograph (DVT) in the Flensburg region. This allows us to make a three-dimensional diagnosis of the facial skull, similar to that of computed tomography (CT). However, the radiation exposure with DVT is much lower compared to the CT.

As a rule, you will be referred to the examination by your doctor or dentist. For specific questions, such as the planning of dental implants, you will normally receive additional documentation, such as radiographs or implant templates, with which we can customize the examination. After the examination, we will explain the results together with you.

The costs of the DVT are usually incurred by the private funds. People insured in the state health care system are currently required to bear the costs themselves. The costs depend on the type and extent of the DVT examination. We will be pleased to advice you on this topic.

In-patient beds

In addition to the location at Ballastkai, our practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery and plastic operations has a private ward in the Malteser St. Franziskus Hospital in Flensburg.

The Malteser hospital is the largest non-university hospital in Schleswig-Holstein within the clinic association with the Diakonissenkrankenhaus. All medical specialisations are covered there. Together with our ENT colleagues we have our own private ward there, where we can carry out major maxillofacial surgeries.

Regional trauma surgery

Our surgical activities in the hospital include treatments within the scope of regional accident surgery / trauma surgery. Patients who are severely injured often suffer from damage to the jaw and facial areas, which are treated by us. These include cheekbone fractures, orbital fractures, fractures of the lower jaw, midface and nasal bone as well as extensive soft tissue injuries.

Build-up of the jaw and dental implantology

In recent years dental implantology has developed enormously. For major interventions in this area, for example building up the jaw with your own bone, patients normally stay overnight in our inpatient ward in the hospital. This form of treatment is gentle and comfortable for our patients.

Facial corrections and facelift as well as plastic aesthetic surgical procedures

One focus of our work is the plastic-aesthetic surgery of the face. This includes corrections of nose, ears and eyelids as well as the so-called facelift.

Accommodation in Flensburg for you and your companion

You and possibly your companion will need an accommodation in Flensburg during the preliminary talks with our specialists in the course of preliminary examinations before an operation and for the period of your stay in hospital. We would be pleased to give you tips and recommendations to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Surgical removal of tumors, abscesses and large inflammatory foci in the face and neck, plastic reconstruction and deformity surgery (dysplasia).

Further inpatient treatments are the removal of benign and malignant tumors of the skin and the oral cavity as well as their plastic reconstruction. In addition, we operate congenital malformations such as cleft lip and palate (cheilognathouranoschisis) or we correct already pre-treated jaw malpositions. Surgical treatments of the salivary glands, the maxillary sinuses, as well as major inflammations or abscesses in the head and neck area are also carried out in our inpatient ward.