Skin rejuvenation (skin regeneration)

Youthful skin

Many people want to preserve a fresh and young look throughout their lives. However, this is not easy, since after all the skin changes with age. If the skin has been exposed to sunlight and other influences for years, signs of age such as pigmentation, wrinkles or inelastic skin as well as enlarged pores and blood vessels often develop. The natural aging process of the skin can not be stopped. With the Epilux method, however, the structure and appearance of the skin can be significantly improved. You will feel much more comfortable in your skin.

How does this technique work?

The IPL2 treatment with Epilux is based on intense light pulses. This means that all layers of the skin can be treated from the surface up to deeper points. Due to special filters the skin surface is not damaged.

The intensely pulsed light is directed through the epidermis, the energy of the light is concentrated on the deeper layers of the skin. The result is a heat conversion process and a deep stimulation. Because of the temperature, the connective tissue cells are stimulated to produce more new collagen and elastin.
When treating pigmented spots, the light is absorbed by the melanin. The resulting heat then destroys the pigment cells. For the obliteration of the finest vessels, the light makes use of the blood pigment hemoglobin.

After treatment, the skin is usually red in the first hours and may be slightly swollen. This is similar to a mild sunburn and requires no special post treatment.
In the treatment of pigment spots it comes to a so-called photooxidation on the skin. This process causes a darkening of the pigments with slight scabbing, after which the pigment spots are repelled. Over a period of three to four weeks, the appearance of the skin gradually improves. Follow-up treatments are performed every four to six weeks


All prices that are listed here are guideline.
The final cost will be determined after a personal consultation.
The indicated prices are net prices exclusive of the value added tax.

Vessel Treatment

€ 215,-
Butterfly (nose and upper cheek area)
€ 215,-
€ 120,-
3 Treatments (cheeks or butterfly)
€ 450,-

Skin Rejuvenation

Entire Face (individual treatment)
€ 240,-
4 Treatments
€ 800,-
Subsequent treatment
€ 200,-

Pigment Treatment

€ 175,-
€ 150,-
€ 170,-
Upper Lip
€ 80,-
ab € 200,-
€ 240,-