Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Plastic facial surgery

When we meet with other people, our face is perceived first. This fact can be very stressful if the face has deformations or displacements after an operation or an accident, or when the expression is distorted. Also a congenital optical deviation from the general sense of beauty can weigh the inner balance and gnaw at the self-confidence.

Reconstructive plastic facial surgery

With different treatment methods nose and ears can be corrected or the forehead can be lifted. Eyelids are provided with plastics and look fresh and young again. The whole face can be re-straightened and tightened. Even paralysis of the facial nerves can be treated.

Scar corrections / Treatment of scars

With the modern facelift, aesthetic-plastic surgery offers several medical procedures that scarcely require scar correction. However, in some cases even after the facelift it is still appropriate to treat and conceal scars. Medical-cosmetic replicas, for example of eyebrows, can help. In general, medical cosmetics has long been used not only in cosmetic surgery, but also contributes to the reconstruction of facial parts and scar correction.

Medical reasoned facelift

When the operations of the maxillofacial surgery and dental surgery have been overcome, implants are set and all treatments are completed after a disease, a tumor surgery or an accident, it often turns out in the course of healing, with which functional limitations the patients will have to live in future.    Aesthetic limitations can be a psychological burden.

This also applies to patients with congenital defects, which can be remedied with a surgery and a facelift. Thus, the eyes, nose and ears on one side of the face can be distorted or shifted. The corners of the mouth or half part of the face or the jaw can hang downwards limply or be warped upwards. Up to the chin and neck, or between the mouth and the nose, the face may not coincide with general beauty standards. Where partial paralysis occurs, the skin and cheeks, the temples, and the jaw are sagging.

With a facelift such blemishes can be corrected. It is therefore usually medically justified and not a purely cosmetic surgery.