Breast reduction (The reduction of the breast)

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When it comes to breast surgery, most people think of breast augmentation. In practice, however, the reduction of too large breasts - which is also referred to as mamma reduction – makes up around half of the breast surgeries.


Which medical problems solve too big breasts?

Too large breasts are fashionable difficult to conceal. However, it is much more important that orthopedic findings are present in almost all women with large breasts. Back problems through constant physical overload and a bad posture are widespread. This leads among other things to problems during sportive activities or movement in general.
Patients with too large breasts often suffer from a high psychological strain. Thus, the impairment is usually not only of an orthopedic or medical nature. Shame, as well as associated inhibitions, of presenting themselves naturally, are also widespread.

An excessively large breast can be congenital, but it can also occur in the course of life when the body changes, for example, after birth or during menopause. This leads to unexpected symptoms that require mammary reduction. In many cases, breast reduction is thus not a pure cosmetic surgery. It rather helps with partial serious medical complaints and at the same time provides a more beautiful, freer life with more freedom of movement, more self-awareness and a whole new feeling of life.

What is the process for breast reduction?

There are several possibilities for breast reduction.
In principle, the nipple and the areola should be protected and a certain amount of skin, fat and glandular tissue should be removed. The nipple is usually displaced a bit upwards in this intervention, so that the breast is not only reduced in size, but also "upright". Patients who wish to have a breast reduction often have many questions, which we clarify before the surgery in a detailed consultation. For example, we are often asked to answer these questions:

  • Will visible scars remain after breast reduction?
  • Can I breastfeed future children without problems?
  • My daughter is suffering from a great chest circumference. From what age may a breast reduction be undertaken?
  • Will my breast look beautiful tightened after the reduction?
  • What shape and size will my breast have after the reduction?

Do not be afraid to ask any questions you are dealing with in consultation with one of our specialists. We want you to feel well cared with us.