Breast augmentation (Enlargement of the breast)

Bigger – but not too big

The idea of how big a breast should diverges widely. In the end, this question must be resolved jointly by the patient and the physician. 
A built-up breast should definitely fit the patient's body. Therefore, we advise you thoroughly before the intervention. We will discuss, among other things, the size, shape and position of the implants. In addition, we discuss many other questions in the consultation before the operation, for example:

  • Which bra size you will wear after the breast enlargement,
  • Whether the sport you have practised so far can still be exercised after the procedure,
  • How the nipples will look with enlarged breast,
  • Whether there will be visible scars,
  • How much the breast enlargement will cost and whether a cost takeover by the health insurance will be accepted.

What are the characteristics of high-quality breast implants??

We use breast enhancement products from Allergan Inamed, formerly McGhan, which as an international market leader can look back on many years of experience in the development of silicone implants. We give you a lifetime guarantee on these implants. Should such an implant burst, for example due to a traffic accident, no silicone can flow into the surrounding tissue. The filling consists of a highly cross-linked gel, which can be removed from the body without leaving a residue in the worst case.

Due to the many available implant forms, we can offer the optimal alternative for every breast. Unlike older implants, the surface is also roughened, which prevents even minimal movement and friction on the tissue. These frictions stimulate the body to thicken the connective tissue around the implant. In the best case, a high-quality breast implant can remain in the body throughout the life.