Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Orthodontic surgery

The harmonic balance between upper and lower jaws is important for the general feeling of well-being. If the lower jaw is too big or too prominent, this disrupts the harmony of the facial expression, as well as too big or protruding upper jaw teeth, or upper and lower jaw teeth of different sizes do. Such tooth and jaw malalignments often have a negative impact on the first impression. In addition to optical disadvantages, such malpositions also cause disturbances in speech and chewing.

We diagnose and treat such mostly congenital misalignments in the jaw area. Together with an orthodontist and a dentist we work out a tailor-made treatment concept after a detailed analysis. Possible treatments range from simple tooth removal or the exposing of the tooth up to the displacement of the upper and lower jaw. The costs of these interventions are in most cases taken over by private and statutory health insurances.