Ears (Plastic ear correction)

Better hearing

Protruding ears are often a reason for teasing in childhood. Even adults, however, can suffer from "jug ears".
This is usually a deformation of the auricle, more rarely changes in the skin or cartilage.

How to set back protruding ears close to the head?

A plastic auricle correction is usually already done before the school enrolment. In principle, however, the intervention can be carried out in every age.

We usually operate children under general anesthesia, adults also under local anesthesia. The doctor places a cut on the back of the auricle and then removes parts of the cartilage. After that, a tight head bandage Is put on. We remove the stitches after around eight days. In the next three to six weeks, a fixed headband should be worn at night, so that the earcups can heal in harmony and protected.


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