Regenerative cosmetics

Relaxation for the skin

From everyday stresses, the skin recovers significantly slower than before from about the age of 30. The natural resources of the epidermis are running out, so the complexion loses its freshness and radiance. In addition, everyday life of many people is contrary to the natural rhythm of their skin. As a result, it is heavily strained.
There are many cosmetic treatments that can help preserve the natural look of your skin, beautify the contours of your body, or moderate the after-effects of surgery.

Medical cosmetics

Pre- and post-treatments of aesthetic surgical procedures such as eyelid corrections, liposuction and wrinkle treatment by injection are very important. Modern cosmetic methods ensure that, for example, the face can be rejuvenated without any surgical intervention. Major problems such as acne, couperose or skin blisters can be treated with special dermocosmetics.

Regenerative cosmetics

Against the aging of the skin, the cosmetics research has developed a number of concepts for individual needs. In particular, active ingredients are used that provide synergy between biotechnological findings and natural substance properties. The so-called phytohormones are a good example of this. They occur in nature in soy and hops. Phytohormones also relieve menopause disorders, they lower the cholesterol level and protect against cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis.


All prices that are listed here are guideline.
The final cost will be determined after a personal consultation.
The indicated prices are net prices exclusive of the value added tax.

Basic Cosmetic treatment – skin diagnosis, cleansing, eyebrow correction, Vapozon & aroma therapy, removal of skin impurities, massage (face, throat, cleavag
€ 60,-
Sensitive treatment – Basic treatment + active ingredient concentrate + Anti Couperose Mask
€ 65,-
Lifting treatment by VALMONT – Basic treatment + luxury concentrate + Age Repair Mask
€ 89,- – 120,-
Relax treatment – Basic treatment + collagen concentrates + extensive massage (upper arms, throat, head)
€ 75,-
Thermal Mask – Tightening thermal treatment
€ 62,-
Acne treatment
€ 60,-
€ 30,-
€ 30,-
Nail polishing
€ 5,-
Eyelash coloring
€ 15,-
Eyebrow coloring
€ 10,- – 15,-
Eyebrow correction
from € 10,-
Wax depilation
€ 10,-